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Ways To Give

One-time Gift

If you have been impacted by the stories on this site and feel moved to make a difference we welcome your one time gifts.

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Monthly Giving

Setting up a monthly giving plan is easy and convenient. Your impact is maximized through your giving plan because it cuts administrative costs by nearly half.

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As a monthly donor, you will have the edge in determining how much you give, where you give it, and you can change, delay, or suspend your gift at any time. Ensure the security of quality, state of the art healthcare programs and services for future generations...

Planned Giving

Planned gifts are a legacy that lives beyond your lifetime. Something that speaks volumes about who you are-who you were-what you cared about. Planned gifts have touched the lives of many patients and their families and will continue to do so for generations after they were made.

This method of giving provides flexibility and personal control to make a major gift that fits within your financial goals in a timeframe that works best for you.

These gifts may also:

  • Reduce tax burdens and gain tax benefits that can be passed on to heirs
  • Receive immediate charitable income tax deductions on your gift
  • Receive fixed payments designated for life
  • Benefit from monthly payments that may be partially tax-free
  • Avoid capital gains on the sale of your appreciated assets
  • Assist in promoting health advances in the future and leave a life-changing legacy right here in the community

We invite you to leave a legacy. Designate your gift to one of many programs – Children’s Village, Compass Care, North Star Lodge, Healthy Yakima Programs, or areas of greatest need. Planned giving options include:

  • Bequests – gifts of personal property or financial assets to an organization through the provisions of a will or estate plan.
  • Beneficiary Designation Gifts – gifts that are designated to an organization as the beneficiary of a retirement, investment, bank account, or life insurance policy.
  • Charitable Gift Annuities – a transfer of cash or other assets to an organization and, in exchange, the donor receives fixed payments from the organization for the rest of their life.
  • Charitable Remainder Unitrusts – provides income to a named beneficiary during the donor's life and the remainder of the trust goes to a charitable cause.
  • Charitable Remainder Annuity Trusts – entails placing a major gift of cash or property into a trust which then pays a fixed amount each year to the donor or a specified beneficiary.
  • Charitable Lead Trusts - an irrevocable trust providing financial support to one or more charities over time, with any remaining assets going to family members or other beneficiaries.
  • IRA Qualified Charitable Distributions –There has been a permanent extension of the IRA Qualified Charitable Distribution. This being so, donors can make gift through an IRA rollover for years to come.
  • Sale and Unitrusts – a donor gives a portion of their property to fund a charitable remainder trust and when the property is sold, they receive income for life.

Please contact us, or speak with your financial advisor to learn more about planned giving opportunities and discuss any wishes you might have for making a planned gift.

Our tax identification number is 91-1022358.

Tribute Gifts

Tribute gifts serve to honor or memorialize a person who has touched our life in some way.

Anniversaries, holidays, birthdays, or recent losses are the most common occasions for making a tribute gift to celebrate a person who is special to us.

If you would like to make a tribute gift for someone special to you, we would be happy to notify them of your tribute.

Gifts Of Stock

Gifts of stock are a smart and simple way to maximize the effectiveness of your charitable giving. If stocks or mutual funds you've held for more than a year have increased in value, you may want to consider using these assets - rather than cash - to fund your giving.

By transferring ownership of your long-term stock to The Memorial Foundation you make a gift to support the sustenance and advancement of healthcare programs and services throughout Yakima, avoid the capital gains tax you would pay if the stock were sold, and you may claim a charitable income tax deduction for the current fair market value of the asset.

If you would like to give a gift of stock, please note the following:

Brokerage House: Morgan Stanley
Financial Advisor: Mark D. Baldwin
Telephone number: (509) 454-2324

(Please indicate to which area of focus you wish to benefit from your donation)

Please call us for transfer instructions at (509) 576-5794.

La Fundación Memorial continúa aquí para usted y para su familia.

Dona hoy

Estamos dedicados a nuestro trabajo de seguir mejorando y transformando la salud de Yakima atraves de 4 iniciativas: la salud de los niños, cuidado de cáncer, cuidado del final de la vida y sustentando una comunidad vital y saludable.

Aun en medio de la pandemia del coronavirus:

  • Los bebes y las familias siguen necesitando los servicios de NICU
  • Los pacientes que necesitan apoyo emergente para continuar con su tratamiento de cáncer ahora más que nunca.
  • El Cuidado del final de la vida de alta calidad, todavía necesita nuestro apoyo para brindar paz a las familias, mientras le dicen adiós a su ser querido.
  • Los Programa de estilo de vida saludable como el de prevención de diabetes, este será cada vez más importante, mientras trabajamos para disminuir la presión de nuestro sistema de salud local.

La Fundación Memorial apoya a Virginia Mason Memorial (VMM) durante la pandemia del coronavirus.

En la Fundación Memorial estamos trabajando incansablemente para satisfacer las necesidades del Hospital Virginia Mason Memorial, y para que el hospital siga sirviendo a nuestra comunidad del Valle de Yakima, con atención de alta calidad.

Esto es lo que hemos logrado para apoyar a la comunidad y a nuestros proveedores durante este tiempo.

  • Un lugar donde los médicos tengan acceso a camas para que puedan estar cerca y ayudar a más pacientes cuando se necesite.
  • También hemos facilitado la colaboración comunitaria con escuelas locales para ofrecer cuidado de niños a los trabajadores de salud durante el cierre de las escuelas.
  • Hemos trabajado con más de 300 voluntarios de la comunidad y con las enfermeras de VMM para hacer cubre-bocas hechos a mano y para prevenir la escases de estos.

Estamos aquí para usted, para nuestros proveedores de salud y para nuestra comunidad y nos sentimos profundamente apenados por aquellos que se han visto afectados por la pandemia del coronavirus.

Estamos trabajando incansablemente para satisfacer las necesidades de VMM.

¿Cómo puede ayudar durante este tiempo?


  1. Hacer una donación monetaria que ayude a cubrir los gastos que se están dando durante este tiempo y que apoye el trabajo que los proveedores de salud están ofreciendo a nuestra comunidad de Yakima.
  2. Mandemos un e mail a si tiene un producto o servicio que quiere donar.
  3. Comparta su historia con nosotros, nos gustaría escuchar de usted, nos puede escribir a

Sobre todo y ante todo, durante este tiempo de incertidumbre, valoramos la seguridad y el bienestar de usted y de nuestros socios comunitarios y seguiremos las recomendaciones de nuestros proveedores de salud conforme se vaya dando esta situación, también seguiremos brindando nuestro apoyo a usted y a los programas y servicios de Virginia Mason Memorial.

Done ahora.