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YouthWorks Council

YouthWorks is a partnership between The Memorial Foundation and local high schools representing a commitment to the youth in our community. The YouthWorks Council is made up of Yakima Valley youth leaders, ranging from 9th through 12th grades attending any school in Yakima County who exemplify advanced leadership qualities, display interest in philanthropy, and exude a passion for providing service to the community. This last year council members made a difference in our community through many different opportunities - YouthWorks Mr. Pageants, North Star Lodge Tree Lighting, volunteering at Children’s Village, Compass Care fundraiser, Passion for the Village, and more! The YouthWorks program maintains its strong support year after year thanks to the collaboration of local schools, administration, students and parents.

Here is what a few of our past council members have to say about YouthWorks:

"Youthworks allowed me to figure out that my ideas were going to be welcomed and it helped me figure out what kind of leader I wanted to be." - Tori, YW Executive Chair and WV graduate

"Volunteering truly changed my high school experience. YouthWorks opened my eyes and broadened my viewpoints on the world." - Masen, YW volunteer coordinator and Naches graduate

"YouthWorks has helped me with choosing my career to a great extent because of all the experiences I have received by being part of this community." Odalys, Wapato graduate

The YouthWorks Council creates advocates who work to improve the future of health care in our community by learning about the different avenues of care provided by the Yakima Valley Memorial family of services. They carry out this mission through the support of The Memorial Foundation’s four healthcare initiatives: Cancer Care, Children’s Health, Compass Care, and Healthy Yakima. The YouthWorks Council acts as a board of directors over the YouthWorks Initiative by helping raise and allocate funds, initiating events, and encouraging volunteerism and community support among their peers. Meetings are held once a month on the 3rd Monday at 6:30 and at 6:45 am on days to be determined by council. Location varies. We ask that attendance at council meetings be 60% to be eligible to be on council the following year.

The following positions are open in mid August for the 2022-2023 YouthWorks Council:

Council Membership

25 Council Member positions are open on the 2022-2023 YouthWorks Council:

Volunteer Positon

Aside from the Executive Board positions, the YouthWorks Council is comprised of members who help volunteer at events, engage their community in philanthropy, and have an interest in growing their leadership abilities. This position must commit to giving 10 hours of community service throughout the year. Volunteer activities may include participation in the Cancer Care Initiative, Children’s Health Initiative, Compass Care Initiative, and Healthy Yakima Initiative.

Executive Board

*Must have at least 1 year of YouthWorks Council membership to apply for the executive board. Members of the executive board will attend an additional meeting each month to coordinate volunteer and fundraising opportunities.

Executive Chair

This position manages the YouthWorks Initiative and oversees the YouthWorks Council. The Executive Chair organizes and chairs the monthly meetings, represents the YouthWorks Council at The Memorial Foundation’s Board of Trustees meetings, and is responsible for the work and doings of the council. This position must commit to giving 15 hours of community service throughout the year.

Vice Chair

This position assists the Executive Chair with their needs. This position is also responsible for organizing student volunteers for the YouthWorks Pageants and other volunteer opportunities and will chair the fundraising committee. This position must commit to giving 15 hours of community service throughout the year.


This position serves as the record keeper of the YouthWorks Council, taking minutes during meetings and keeping an organized file structure of all information. The secretary is tasked with emailing minutes to all council members each month and to communicate with other council members regarding activities. This position must commit to giving 15 hours of community service throughout the year.

Marketing Coordinator

This position works with the other executive members to maintain the presence and visibility of the YouthWorks Council with social marketing avenues, as well as documenting volunteer activities. This position must commit to giving 15 hours of community service throughout the year.