Our Initiatives

Areas Of Greatest Need

Meeting needs is a challenge. For certain areas of healthcare, this is even more the case. Since the breadth of healthcare is expansive, a general donation to The Memorial Foundation is used to fulfill needs that exist within areas that are currently experiencing the most need.

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Legacy Endowment

The future of The Foundation relies on securing necessary resources to maintain its operation. It is through our Legacy Endowment that we are able to ensure such resources are able to be acquired and retained so that our mission continues moving forward.

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Cancer Care

Our cancer care initiative focuses on advancing prevention and treatment services for cancer patients at North Star Lodge, 'Ohana, and other Memorial Family of Services clinics.

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Children's Health

Our children's health initiative focuses on improving the quality of children's healthcare programs and services at Children's Village and Memorial Hospital, while also seeking to deliver more specialized care for those with developmental needs.

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Compass Care

Our Compass Care initiative focuses on providing for those with debilitating chronic disease through home health programs or terminally ill patients through services at Cottage in the Meadow.

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Healthy Yakima

Our Healthy Yakima initiative focuses on preventive health services, comprehensive health screenings, and community education. It also focuses on chronic disease management, heart health, orthopedics and sports medicine.

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Meet Our Team

Our team is dedicated to working with our community to continue The Memorial Foundation's legacy of advancing healthcare throughout Yakima.

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Meet Our Board

Our volunteer board is committed to ensuring the delivery of quality healthcare within our community through The Memorial Foundation's mission and vision.

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Our Initiatives

By assessing our community's needs, The Memorial Foundation has focused on four primary healthcare initiatives to improve the overall health of our community.

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Keeping Support Local

Your contributions benefit the advancement and sustainment of quality healthcare in our community - always have, and always will.

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