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Children's Health

Children's Village

With the support of our generous community, Children's Village, a regional integrated center for children with special health-care needs and their families, multiple service providers and services are able available all under one roof. The comprehensive family-centered organization aims to meet each child’s need for individualized care with over 35 kinds of specialized services. There are medical specialty clinics, developmental evaluations and collaborative diagnostic clinics, dental services, occupational, physical and speech therapy, mental health counseling, education services, behavioral intervention and nurse home-visiting programs. The village also offers a comprehensive parent and family support program called Parent to Parent.

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

The gift of growing up. From updated equipment in Memorial's Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) to early diagnosis and treatment of special needs, your support helps to ensure the more than 400 vulnerable babies served each year in the NICU reach their fullest potential. As Central Washington's only NICU, specialty care is available for at-risks infants. More than a third of those treated were not anticipated to need the extra care and skilled nursing available at Memorial. Your donations truly make a difference in these tiny lives.

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Pediatric Unit

Few things are more frightening to parents than having a child in the hospital. Yakima Valley Memorial's team of pediatricians and nurses understand these concerns and focuses its efforts on providing individualized, comprehensive medical care in a unit that is designed with the child and family in mind. Yakima Valley Memorial's pediatric unit is a highly specialized, self-contained department dedicated to the medical care and treatment of infants and children.The Pediatrics Department treats children and youth 17 and under for a variety of health concerns while providing support to their families. Last year the department cared for 1,300 patients.

Family Birthplace

Memorial Hospital opened in 1950 and the first baby was born the next day. Yakima Valley Memorial has developed one of the most comprehensive and sophisticated maternity care programs in Washington. Since 1950, there have been over 140,000 births, averaging 2,500 births each year!