Dogs and Dignity at End of Life

In mid-2021 a patient at Cottage in the Meadow made a remarkable impression on the Compass Care staff. The patient was in his early 50s.

Death is never easy, but at his age, it was more unexpected than usual. The patient was very anxious. When asked what would help his anxiety, he answered, “I want my dog”. He was surprised when the staff agreed. There was a huge difference when his dog, Bella, arrived. He became very content; she gave him a purpose, brought him comfort, and created a point of connection with others that had been missing. He was peaceful at the end of his life, finally free from anxiety about what tomorrow would bring.

Dr. Lauer, Compass Care Medical Director, remembers him saying that “this is the first time in my life that I’ve ever been treated with dignity by the medical system.”

His care team at Cottage in the Meadow was so honored to be the group of people who brought him peace, comfort, trust, and friendship at the end of his life. And Bella has found a loving new home with her human’s favorite hospice nurse!

Dogs and Dignity at End of Life

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