It Takes a Community

Businesses, Make a Meaningful Impact In Our Valley

We feel so much gratitude toward each donor who supports the Memorial Foundation, but we recognize that healthcare needs in the Yakima community cannot rest on their shoulders alone. The Memorial Foundation actively seeks to build relationships and work with businesses in our community to help bridge these funding gaps.

Fieldstone Communities has been a long-time supporter of the Memorial Foundation, playing an active role in raising funds for Children’s Health, Cancer Care, and Compass Care. Doug Ellison and Justin Younker, Fieldstone’s founders, have dedicated company funds and also their personal time to the Memorial Foundation over the past several years, and we are so grateful for their active involvement.

“It doesn’t have to be a large commitment,” said Justin. “Fieldstone started out by simply getting involved with the Memorial Foundation. We sponsored events, and Doug joined the board.”

Fieldstone has been a lead sponsor of Passion for the Village, one of our largest annual Children’s Health fundraisers, for the past several years. They’ve also sponsored the Golf to Give fundraiser for Children’s Village, with various company leaders and employees sitting on committees and volunteering their time.

During these events and through other involvement, Doug and Justin noticed that while Fieldstone was supporting the Memorial Foundation, they were also being supported.

“Our business is built on relationships and trust,” said Justin. “Any time you, as a business, develop new relationships in the community, there are opportunities for both sides to benefit. The support from Memorial Foundation has allowed us to meet new leaders in the community, especially in healthcare, and our employees and business as a whole have benefited from those relationships.”

Some of these relationships have even led Fieldstone to come up with some new, creative ways to raise funds. “Just Peachy” was a collaborative effort with Bale Breaker Brewing Company, Yakima Chief Hops, Children’s Village, and Memorial Foundation that the Fieldstone team helped coordinate. In honor of Justin’s youngest daughter, Peach (read her story here), these companies collaborated to create Just Peachy, a beer brewed at Bale Breaker. Then, they hosted a release event where a portion of every pint sold went to Children’s Village.

“This evolution in our support for the Memorial Foundation has, in part, been due to the impact we’ve seen our support have on so many people in the community,” said Justin. “Bringing community together has always been something we’re passionate about at Fieldstone.” Their relationships with Memorial Foundation and other companies throughout the valley have provided them with opportunities to connect with the community in meaningful and impactful ways.

Fieldstone encourages employers and businesses throughout Yakima to get involved with Memorial Foundation.

“Whether it’s Children’s Health and Children’s Village, Cancer Care at North Star Lodge, or meaningful experiences at Cottage in the Meadow, these services touch so many people,” said Justin. “I would encourage business owners to think about the impact this has on their most important assets, their employees, and the huge benefit of having these resources in the Valley to attract and retain quality people.”

When we asked Justin why Fieldstone supports the Memorial Foundation he stated, “It’s as simple as people helping people, and when you get involved in a cause, any cause, there are opportunities to impact someone’s life in a positive way.”

We want to thank Justin, Doug, and the entire Fieldstone family for their ongoing support and the tangible impact they’ve had in the lives of so many people living in our community. We wouldn’t be able to address healthcare needs in the Valley if it weren’t for businesses like Fieldstone. If you’re interested in learning how to become involved, please email

It Takes a Community

Thank You, Sponsors!