Planned Giving

Are you looking for a tax-advantaged way to ensure your estate is cared for and your values are sustained after you pass? We invite you to join our mission to meet vital health care needs across the valley through planned giving.

You can support children's health, cancer care, end-of-life care, and help grow a healthy community after your passing through a donation to the Memorial Foundation. We are keenly aware of the scope and gravity of the needs in our valley and promise to ensure your passions are supported for years to come. Because of donors like you, we're ready to continue our work with compassion, insight, and invaluable partnerships.

What is planned giving?

Planned giving allows you to continue supporting the most vulnerable patients in the Yakima Valley and establish your legacy through your estate plan. Your estate consists of everything you own: your car, home, other real estate, checking and savings accounts, investments, life insurance, furniture, and personal possessions. Your estate plan ensures your loved ones and everything you care about are adequately taken care of. Planning ahead can help you substantially reduce your tax burden when charitable gifts are included.

Including the Memorial Foundation in your estate plan extends your charitable support into the future, and ensures your values and compassion continue to support health care programs at Yakima Valley Memorial, Children's Village, North Star Lodge, and Cottage in the Meadow.

Leave an enduring legacy of care that lives far beyond your lifetime.

Why are planned gifts vital to the Memorial Foundation and thus the community?

Oxygen in a newborn's lungs, speech therapy for pediatric patients, education to prevent diabetes, mentorship for blossoming leaders, pharmacy assistance for cancer patients, comfort to those navigating end-of-life care...these examples only skim the surface of the many life-changing programs and services the community makes possible through contributions to the Memorial Foundation. From the hands that first hold newborn babies to the hands that hold those of the dying, your support cares for our community–from life's first breath to its last.

The Memorial Foundation exists and can do our transformative work thanks to the generous support of donors like you. Planned gifts provide funds that enable us to support health care programs and patients throughout our community.

Why should someone choose the Memorial Foundation?

For over three decades, the Memorial Foundation has been given the unique opportunity to foresee critical health care needs, strategically plan and fundraise, and create responsive programs and services to advance compassionate care across generations. We are connected to and keenly aware of the health care needs of our valley, and our giving philosophy allows your donations to make an impact where and when it’s needed most. Without your gifts, the marginalized, young, and dying would be left with deep, unmet needs. The experiences we have in health care are poignantly human and full of challenges, triumph, grief, healing, joy, and comfort.

Your support advances and transforms health care in the Yakima Valley.

“Planned gifts are great – for several reasons. You can make the plan to give and not take money out of your pocket right now, or you can plan to give it in the future when you have passed away, and that is just a beautiful vehicle for continuing to give to a cause you believe in.”

- Jenny Hunter, Foundation Board Member and Donor

Planned giving also comes with many tax advantages. Contact your estate planner or financial advisor to learn how legacy giving can provide possible tax benefits to you.

Is there a required amount people need to leave?

Any gift amount is welcomed and appreciated. No matter how large or small your estate, you can continue to make a difference in the lives of future generations.

What flexibilities are offered as to how the funds are used?

If you choose to include the Memorial Foundation as a recipient of your estate, know that the Foundation is committed to managing your gift and ensuring it goes to whatever purpose you’d like to support within our programs. We’ll work with you to ensure that your philanthropic vision is fulfilled.

Our focus areas are:

  • Children’s health
  • Cancer care
  • End-of-life care
  • Growing a healthy community

We work with many programs within each of these areas, and your planned gift can be set up to support the areas or programs that most resonate with your values and vision.

How can people set up a planned gift?

Call your estate planner or financial advisor today to learn how legacy giving can provide possible tax benefits to you. Give us a call at (509) 576-5794 to learn more about an array of legacy giving opportunities.

There are many ways you can construct your planned giving:

  • Gift personal property or financial assets through a will or estate plan
  • Designate the Memorial Foundation as the beneficiary of a retirement, investment, bank account, or life insurance policy
  • Make a tax-advantaged gift through an IRA transfer for those over age 70.5
  • Tailor your wishes through charitable trusts

If you have already included a gift for the Memorial Foundation in your estate planning, that’s great! We understand this is a personal decision for you and your family. You may keep this information confidential, however, it’s helpful for us to know so we can better plan for the future. If you’re comfortable letting us know you’ve decided to name the Memorial Foundation in your will, please email us at or call (509) 576-5794 to let us know of your plans.

Thank you once again for choosing to provide transformative support for health care programs in the Yakima Valley. Your belief in and support of the Memorial Foundation’s mission has helped advance and transform health care in our community.

Planned Giving

Thank You, Sponsors!